Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Product

Ok, so I decided that every little girl should have a special keepsake box that holds all her baby items. What do you think of this design? You can find it at

Friday, July 18, 2008

A Super Lady

I would like to introduce a heck of a lady! Her name is Sharon and she is the owner of WAHM Design Services. She was my designer for my blog and my websites. and

I have to say she is one of the easiest persons to get along with. Has a ton of patience and really puts out all effort when trying to create a website with your personality Incorporated into it. When I was looking over the work her and I had accomplished I literally had a tear in my eye. She helped me create a dream, a vision, and for the first time I felt like, now I have the tool, now I can succeed. Thank you Sharon!

If you need a website designed please contact her. You will not be sorry. She's a sweetheart!

Intimacy is More than Sex

Intimacy is More than Sex
Posted: 18 Jul 2008 12:42 PM CDT
Intimacy is More than Sex

By: Beverly Mahone

Is there a difference between love-making and making love? Yes, there IS a difference. Love-making is a physical act between two people. Making love, on the other hand, goes much deeper into the spiritual connection between the couple.It’s the same with comparing sex and intimacy. Intimacy is more than sex or making love. It's more of a combination of the physical AND emotional connection you feel with your partner. Intimacy involves a soul connection between two people.While instant chemistry can be exciting and thrilling, the chemistry that makes marriages work usually grows over time. This special chemistry between two people involves excellent communication and self sacrifice more than physical attraction. It takes trust, patience, and willingness to talk and to listen.With greater intimacy, married couples tend to have a more satisfying and fulfilling romantic life. They learn how to do the things that please each other. They learn how to communicate. Being able to express what you want is important and genuinely listening to your spouse are key factors in building an intimate romance. So how can you grow in intimacy with your mate? Here are some tips to consider:Determine what you really need out of the relationship: Is the feeling of togetherness more important than financial stability? Or must the bills be paid on time even if your spouse doesn’t have much time for you? Do you need to talk things out no matter how long it takes? Or can you just let some things go for the sake of harmony and peace in the relationship?Determine what your spouse really needs: At first your mate may be reluctant to share what he or she needs. It may be because your partner doesn’t know how or is afraid of your reaction. If you set a relaxing mood and environment, this is one way you could encourage your partner to open up and share with you. Whatever you do, don’t nag and keep pressing to find out what’s going on with your partner because that could result in resentment and shutting you out.Make an effort to change your behavior everyday: If your partner needs more space, it is important that you respect that. If they need more of your time, tune out any distractions and pay attention to your spouse. Tune into your mate more and tune out other distractions like the TV, phone, computer, radio, etc. Make it a point to give your spouse some quality uninterrupted time per day.Finally, take care of yourself: If you are upset, you won’t be a fun person to be around. Make sure that you have your own “me” time everyday where you can pray, meditate, and take care of your personal needs. Whether it’s writing in a journal, reading a good book, going to the spa or just doing nothing at all, give yourself some space so when you come back together, you’ll appreciate each other even more.

Article by:
Beverly Mahone is a veteran journalist and author who writes about issues affecting middle aged women. She is the author of the book Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age. To find out more about Ms. Mahone, visit her website:

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Long Drive

Ok, so I am so thrilled that I have a deadbeat Dad who I am forced to drive 4 hours back and forth to see. I can deal with him not taking on his responsibilty of providing for his children, but to have to shell out $60.00 a trip on gas out of our own pockets just doesn't seem fair. Does anyone feel the system seems to protect the non custodial parent more then the custodial? Would love to hear your feedback.
God Bless!

Welcome one and all

Hello and welcome to my new blog. After two months of getting my website up and running, the link is below, I am not ready to take on the social aspect of the internet. I hope many will join me and share life, stories, laughs, your own websites etc....

This is a cozy place, so pull up a chair, turn down the lights, put the kids to bed, and socialize! Posts are open to one and all. I would love to see some great topics get started here. Feel free to share your own experiences, vent, frustrations, happiness, the sky's the limit!

First topic. What is the most frustrating experience you have come across in starting your own business and how did you solve it, if you did!