Friday, August 15, 2008


My very first newsletter went out this morning! A bit of a triumph for me since I am not the world's best writer. Cute articles, a joke, kid's activities, and more including discounts for WAHM's and Military families! Don't miss our featured WAHM's and their stories. Be sure to sign up for the next newsletter. It is sure to be better than this one with all new content!

Monday, August 11, 2008

How To Get Free Advertising With Online Forums

Online forums, specifically geared to your market, are great places to get free advertising for your business. Online forums generally have lots of traffic and are highly ranked in the search engines. Although online forums do not allow you generally to advertise for free, you are usually allowed to have a signature file. This file can contain a small promo and the URL to your business. Because the forums are generally highly trafficked and ranked, your URL gets both traffic from the forum plus benefits from higher search engine rankings.Make sure you do not try to blatantly advertise on the forum. Unless the forum allows free advertising such as, make sure you only contribute pertinent information about the topic. Be a real contributor and do not try to sneak in some free advertising. Forum moderators are hip to this and will just ban you. Be a real contributor.Your whole goal is to contribute valuable information on your topic and to learn. You will get free advertising by your signature with your URL.It is easy to find good forums on your topic. Just go to Google and type in "diets + forum" if your topic is about diets. Change this to the subject of your website. You do not have to join all of them. Just join the ones with the most traffic and members, and the ones which seem the most reputable in your industry.Many online forums have introduction sections. Be sure to introduce yourself. You will be surprised at the warm response you will receive. Again your signature files serves the purpose of free advertising for your business. This is very targeted free advertising since all the posts should be related to your industry.Take a few minutes each day to browse each forum and see if you find topics that interest you. Be a real contributor. Do not try to sneak in any free advertising.
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Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's a Boy!

I have such a beautiful new nephew. He really is something else. He seemed quite content in his Aunt Kris' arms! Big hugs and kisses my little bugaboo. :) Of course I had to make an adorable diaper cake with lots of Thank Heaven for Little Boys gear. :)