Friday, August 29, 2008

Great Shower Party Ideas!

Pea in the pod game
Upon arriving at the baby shower, each guest will receive a cute little pea pod to where wear throughout the event. But one of the pea pods is not like the other. Someone will be a winner when you play the pea in the pod game.

This baby shower game is perfect for those having a Pea in the Pod baby shower theme.
Playing the game:Each guest receives a small pea pod to wear throughout the shower. One guest will discover 'real' peas in her pod, making her the winner!
Game preparation:You'll need:
Green felt
Green ribbon
Small safety pins
Paper towels
3 green fabric balls Cut fabric into 4 by 3 inch strips. Place three green fabric balls (the peas) near the center of one fabric strip and roll the fabric until shaped like a Tootsie Roll. Tie each end with green ribbon. Create the non-winning pods to be the same shape and consistency as the winning pea pod, stuffing with paper towels instead of green fabric peas. Use safety pins to attach a pod to each guest.
Variations:For a baby shower for twins, two pea pods can contain peas so two of your guests become game winners.
Suggested prizes:Gift your winning guest with a treat from Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea line.

Baby shower gift game
Guests will be cracking up when they find out what really went on the night of conception!

The honoree will soon regret she called that pair of baby booties 'so cute and so very, very small.'
Playing the game: As the mother-to-be is opening her gifts, someone writes down everything she says (like, "Oh, that's so cute!" or "Thanks! Just what I need.") Remember not to tell the mom-to-be you're writing down everything she says!

After the gifts are opened, proceed by saying, "the following phrases are what Jane said to Paul the night the baby was conceived." After all the phrases have been read, have guests vote for the funniest one. The person who gave the gift producing the funniest comment wins.
Preparation: You'll need a pencil, paper and a scribe to take notes. Simply write down everything that the mother says as she's unwrapping her gifts. Choosing a scribe with a sense of humor will make this game extra funny!

Suggested prizes: Head to your local Spencer's Gifts (or other party store) to pick up a humorous gag gift

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Business

The summer flew by, time for the hussle and bustle of back to school. Kids thrilled with all the new clothes for school. Picking through hundreds of bookbags for my teen daughter until she finds just the right one. It's a fashion statement Mom. It defines who I am. LOL I remember the days too well. It was all about appearances.

We are not so different when we grow up and become Moms. I think we just decide that appearances of how we look to others as a family, Mother, Daughter, etc...mean more then the latest fashionable purse or accessorie.

Are you one of those people that worries all the time what other people think about you and what you do? I used to be. I made myself crazy trying to be someone I was not. Being different then what people expect is not always the easiest thing but it certainly makes you feel better as an individual to be yourself. There is too much wasted energy in being someone you are not. Learn to love yourself and your gifts that YOU can give even if it is not what is expected of you. Embrace who you really are because you will find a peace inside that allows you to be an even better person.

As the Title of the post suggest, I in fact have a new business. Wahm Addicts is going to have a complete facelift and will be an amazing site that fully supports the Work At Home Mom. Stay tuned for big changes in the next couple of months!